Will He Go Or Will He Stay Now?

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That’s the question on the lips of Manchester United fans and Football Index users alike, who am I referring to? None other than Paul Pogba (£6.85) of course.

The future of the Red Devil’s record signing has been top of the media’s agenda for the last few days courtesy of an explosive interview with Pogba’s not so shy and retiring agent Mino Raiola in the Times on Friday. His agent stating that Pogba wants to leave Old Trafford! The Italian agent is no stranger to controversy and the comments were perfectly timed to ensure maximum pressure on the Old Trafford hierarchy. The comments created an air of mystery on whether or not the Frenchman would turn up for pre season training yesterday and an all important flight to Australia.

Unsurprisingly this has led to a media frenzy with all major outlets reporting on the story in a 24/7 fashion. This has seen Pogba collect £0.09 in media dividends in the last three days alone. That in itself is a 1.3% return on his current price and that’s before you consider the likelihood of further dividend returns in the next few days.

The news though was met with a mixed reaction from the FI Community with opinions on both sides of the divide coming to the fore. The share price of Pogba took a hit when the news came out on Friday afternoon dropping to a low of £6.71 having been trading at £7.01 earlier in the day. This reaction in the market showed that some traders fear should Pogba lose the Manchester United media darlings attachment by plying his trade abroad they felt he would be worth a smaller share price. Whilst other traders extolled the virtues that should he remain he could look to reach his former peak price of £8.36 whilst collecting a large swathe of media dividends.

As I write this blog Pogba is likely to still be in the air en route to Australia having taken his seat with United teammates. But just because he is the other side of the world, one thing remains the same, there will be lots and lots of speculation. What do you think will he go or will he stay?


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