Trader Interviews: Episode 4 – @FItradertom

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The special and unique aspect that has helped make Football Index what it is is, of course, the Traders. They place their bets to Buy and Sell Shares in players and have helped make the concept the success it is today.

With that, we have decided to shed some light on those that use the platform with a new series titled “Trader Interviews“. Each episode will involve a new interview with a Trader discussing how they got involved with Football Index, their thoughts on the platform and everything in between.

In Episode 4, we meet @FItradertom

First of all, tell the Football Index Community a little about yourself?

My name is Tom (@FItradertom on Twitter) I am 26 years old, I’m from Nottinghamshire and I currently work nights whilst I’m studying to be a Football Scout & Analyst. 

How did you first hear about, and subsequently get into, Football Index?

I’d probably say I have known about the Football Index for a year or two now but truth to be told I just wasn’t fully aware of what the platform was or the potential it had. I was just familiar with it due to the absolute classic ad campaign that you ran featuring the legend John Motson, so because of that, it was always something that was in the back of my mind.

Finally, after a really dubious call by one of the traditional bookmakers on a request a bet where they pretty much changed the rules to deem what should’ve been a winner a loser I finally decided to stop throwing my money away on traditional betting and join the betting rebellion that is the Index. 

I think a famous line from one of my favorite films sums up my journey to the Index perfectly: “Gentlemen, you had my curiosity but now you have my attention’.”

How long have you been a Trader for on the platform?

I started trading on the Index about five months ago at the beginning of December 2019. 

How would you describe Football Index to your friends?

I describe it as a beautiful anomaly because it’s a deviation from traditional betting which is what’s usually classed as the norm. It’s new, exciting and the first of its kind so I only see the platform going from strength to strength. 

I sometimes use the apple/amazon stock analogy because I think that’s best suited when you’re trying to get the message across to a friend that you really don’t want to miss out on this. 

What is your strategy for success on Football Index, eg. how do you go about deciding which players you want to add to your Portfolio?

As previously mentioned, I am hoping to become a Football scout so naturally, my portfolio is full of youth. I try to look at the longevity of my Buys and the fact once that Share is purchased it’s mine for 3 years so I analyse the player, his current level, where I see him in 12 months, 18 months, do I see him earning Dividends over that three-year timeframe, will he secure a move to a big club, will I see a rise in cash app over that timeframe and so on. 

I guess you could say I’m playing the long game because I rarely get involved in the current big Dividend earners as I’m hoping that over the space of three years the players I’m purchasing now will go on to become regular Dividend winners. 

If you were to select a few players on the Index who Traders should look into buying that they might not have heard of – who would you pick?

Two of my favorite under the radar holds are as follows: 

Ludovic Blas – Ludovic was a part of the France U19s side that won the 2016 European Championships and that’s where he first caught my eye. That squad was filled to the brim with talent and he lined up and was often chosen over the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Christopher Nkunku, Ousmane Dembele, Marcus Thuram, Theo Hernandez and more. Unlike a few of those mentioned above, Ludovic didn’t kick on as predicted after that tournament and reach the heights of some of his other teammates.

However, since moving to FC Nantes last summer, he has really started to flourish and show signs of what made him stand out amongst such a talented crop of players. He is still only 22 so very young in the grand scheme of things.

He is a central midfielder who is the attacking outlet in midfield for Nantes, so he often takes up an attacking position meaning he has plenty of potential to add more goals and assists to his game. 

Maxence Caqueret – Maxence was having somewhat of a breakthrough season for Lyon after finally being promoted from the B team. He has featured in eight league games and had many people talking due to how easy he makes the game look; gliding past defenders and playing key passes with ease.

Lyon then signed Bruno Guimaraes and as the season ticked on and fixtures started to carry a bit more weight, so he lost his place in the side for what I can only put down to inexperience because there is no doubt the talent is there.

Maxence is only 20 and whilst Houssem Aouar and others have also flourished in midfield this season, unlike Aouar, I can’t see Caqueret leaving Lyon anytime soon and over the next year or two I fully expect him to solidify that position and become a real stalwart in the centre of the park for Lyon. 

I have picked these two players as I feel they’ll both go on to have fantastic careers and most importantly I love watching them play football specifically, how they both play the game.

With all the fixture cancellations that have happened recently due to the coronavirus pandemic, how has that changed things for you in terms of your Portfolio from what you were doing beforehand?

With my trading style being based on youth, as you could imagine I took quite a hit when all the leagues started shutting down mainly due to people trying to Sell because of the uncertainty this pandemic has caused and my second guess would be because people were moving money out of youth and into stronger, more assured holds like anyone in the Top 200. 

I have a huge amount of faith in the platform so nothing changed for me in terms of strategy I just stuck with my Portfolio and rode the impending drop which turned out to be around –15%. I didn’t want to sell up or move my money into more reliable holds as I knew if just one of my players rocketed just as I know they’re capable of, then I would regret it massively.

When the drop happened I took full advantage and topped up on all of my holds as the prices they dropped to where they were just too good to refuse. I knew the research I had done was trustworthy and I also knew one day football would return, so why panic? 

Now I am roughly around 20% up and for me that is astonishing. I very much accepted that due to holding a lot of youth it might take some time for my Portfolio to recover but in no way shape or form did I expect to be back in the green just 4-6 weeks after all this began. Just seeing my Portfolio go from strength to strength when no football is being played has given me so much confidence in this platform.

With the Bundesliga returning over the weekend, did you make any changes/additions to your Portfolio as a result?

I always had a hunch the Germans would be one of the first to get their teams back on the pitch so for the past couple of weeks I’ve been searching for a potential player I could Buy.

As you may know, the French league has been cancelled and the majority of my port is made up of Ligue 1 players so for the sake of actually being involved in the football when it returns, I’ve picked a couple of players from different leagues who I see as solid purchases and whom will allow me to be involved once Match Days resume. 

From the German league I have bought Shares in Marcel Sabitzer of RB Leipzig. Marcel has caught the eye of many this season by becoming a key part of the success that has been RB Leipzig. In my opinion, at times his performances haven’t gotten the attention they deserve due to other shining stars in that Leipzig side, but he consistently posts high Match Day scores and I can see him moving to another club down the line, perhaps next year, now COVID-19 has well and truly thrown a spanner in the works in terms of all things football. 

Sabitzer’s style of play suits Nagelsmann’s system perfectly and the race for the title is far from over, so since the beginning of April, I have slowly been increasing my hold in Marcel and I have seen a nice rise in terms of Cash Appreciation already. Hopefully, a string of strong performances over Leipzig’s next few fixtures (fairly easy ones on paper) will continue to increase his price and can pick up a win on one of the Bronze/Silver Match Days.

What advice would you give to Traders that have recently joined the platform and those considering using Football Index?

Do your research thoroughly so you know what you’re about to embark on before making sizeable purchases. Seek advice, but remember ultimately the decision will always come down to you so be confident. Don’t be afraid to make a few mistakes and have fun with it because it is a truly magical platform that is going from strength to strength and growing each day. If you love football, you cannot go wrong on the Index. 

How do you think you’ve improved as a Trader in the time you’ve been using Football Index?

I have only been trading for just under six months so you could say I’m still starting out in the grand scheme of things. Each day I’m learning more and continuing to study the platform in the hope I’ll become more experienced and a better Trader.

I guess the one thing that stands out in terms of my time so far on the platform would be confidence. I have shot myself in the foot a few times because I have simply just not pulled the trigger on some purchases and then I see those same players shoot up in the coming weeks.

If you’ve done the research, if it’s a responsible purchase and the only thing stopping you is that strange feeling in your gut which is making you second guess all the data and research you’ve done then I would say ignore it. It’s human nature to be cautious so naturally, we’ll think of the worst scenario instead of the best so pull the trigger and take a chance.

Most importantly, believe in your ability as a Trader because yes it could go wrong and it could be a bad purchase, but at least if that’s the case you can use the bad for good and learn from it for next time. 

If you had to start again as a brand new Trader, is there anything you would do differently the second time around, if at all?

I am very happy with my current strategy so if I am being completely honest, I wouldn’t change much at all. If I had to start afresh, I would probably look at a different strategy all together just to experience trading from a different perspective like strong PB holds or perhaps one or two condensed sizeable Buys into one or two Top 10 players like Trent Alexander-Arnold, Neymar, and Jadon Sancho so I could take advantage of the amazing Dividend offers you guys frequently roll out. 

How would you compare your experience of using Football Index compared to traditional bookmakers?

It has honestly been somewhat life-changing for me. It’s made me realise I want to pursue a career in scouting and analysis so it’s been a massive eye-opener in terms of what do I want to do as a job. iI’s pushed me to take the steps to begin that journey and for that, I will always be thankful to you guys who created and continue to develop this amazing platform. 

Now if you compare that to my time with traditional bookmakers, I think the saying ‘night and day’ would be appropriate. I’d find myself betting on silly request-a-bets even though it’s a dodgy market where those big bookmakers can often manipulate it to their liking. I would miss out on big payouts because I needed one more corner or one more goal etc. and I was just throwing money away on something to make the games interesting when in reality you’re betting whatever amount of money over a 90 minute period in comparison to the three years you get with the Index.

I haven’t and I will not place another football bet with a traditional bookmaker as long as the Index is around and my biggest regret is not getting involved sooner. 

Do you find Football Index more intellectually stimulating than traditional betting? If so, why?

100% and this, in my opinion, is why I have become hooked so quickly as you really feel rewarded for putting the time in, doing your research, taking the dive and then reaping the rewards in comparison to what I use to do on traditional betting; that being checking the teams most recent fixtures or a player’s current form and base my decisions of that alone. It’s unique and it’s the only footballing platform engaging its users in this way and for me, it’s what makes it so special. 

Do you have any goals you set yourself to achieve while using the platform?

It’s probably very cliché to say but no the only goal I set was to have fun and if the fun stops then step away. As you can probably guess, I set this goal after my time with traditional bookmakers where I had become so frustrated with something that started out as a bit of fun (traditional betting) so I promised to not allow myself to make the same mistake with Football Index. 

How would you like to see FI grow/improve going forward?

  • Open the market to other countries, you have a phenomenal product that needs to be available globally so every football fan can enjoy it. 
  • Open media to European outlets, I already answered the survey you sent out regarding this so I’m aware you’re addressing it and I’m excited to see how you use that data to improve the platform. 
  • A bit of a reshuffle in terms of media. I think the fact Traders can win Dividends off media is fantastic and just another thing which makes the platform unique and sets it apart from traditional bookmakers, however like most new things it’s still fresh and could do with some adjustments the main one and perhaps the only one for me is the confusion around criminal activity /allegations. I think if you could perhaps implement a system like you currently have except it applies negative points for certain trigger words like “police, criminal, crime, allegation, etc” then it would put a stop to all the confusion but again this is just my opinion and if it was as easy as that I’m sure you’d of probably already implemented it. 
  • I would love to see a Team of the Week or Team of the Month payout for perhaps the Top 5 leagues across Europe. Nothing extravagant – maybe just a small payout for each player who makes the side. 

Thank you for this opportunity and most importantly thank you for all the hard work you guys do in creating an amazing platform that has kept Football alive for many during such an uncertain time.


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