Trader Interviews: Episode 3 – @GingerPirlo_FI

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The special and unique aspect that has helped make Football Index what it is is, of course, the Traders. They place their bets to Buy and Sell Shares in players and have helped make the concept the success it is today.

With that, we have decided to shed some light on those that use the platform with a new series titled “Trader Interviews“. Each episode will involve a new interview with a Trader discussing how they got involved with Football Index, their thoughts on the platform and everything in between.

In Episode 3, we meet @GingerPirlo_FI

First of all, tell the Football Index Community a little about yourself? 

Well, I go by the name Ginger Pirlo and I am active on Twitter as well as in the FI trading community on IndexGain. I also run my own blog which is all about my ongoing journey on Football Index which is going well by all accounts. The aim is to help people out and show them another side to how you can go about your business on the Index.

In the wider world, I have held many football-based roles such as a Performance Analyst, Prediction Analyst, Premier League Match Day operator, Scout, Coach and freelance writer. You could say, I like my football.

How did you first hear about, and subsequently get into, Football Index? 

I first heard about it watching TV late at night and John Motson shouting something about buying Shares in footballers and selling them at a profit in an FI advert. The very next day I looked into it and downloaded the app…the rest is history as they say.

How long have you been a Trader for on the platform? 

I joined in early September 2018. It was during an international week, so it was a bit quiet, but it gave me time to get used to the product at a decent pace and ask lots of questions. Probably a blessing looking back.

How would you describe Football Index to your friends? 

I describe it as “owning” Shares in footballers a bit like the stock market, except instead of companies you are buying into players. Price movements are dictated by performance on the pitch as well as other things like a big transfer, media attention etc.

I also stress the fact the market/product is on a constant growth period atm so it’s a perfect time to get on before it becomes mainstream, which I believe it will be. It’s also fun and arguably the best thing I have ever seen to make yourself some decent money. To conclude…it’s bloody brilliant.

What is your strategy for success on Football Index, e.g. how do you go about deciding which players you want to add to your Portfolio? 

I have many strategies on the Index and have arguably tried them all at some point in time, but I am best known for my ‘short-term’ strategies. They are also the ones I enjoy the most and therefore what I focus on in the main.

This involves a lot of in-play action which you can basically sum up as buying into players that are performing or have just done something significant in a game. This could be anything from scoring a goal, brace or hat-trick, to racking up an impressive Match Day (PB) score, or a young player impressing the wider public, it can be whatever you can think of. It doesn’t really matter what it is. What matters is I am focussed on looking to jump a potential rise and being ready to do so as soon as possible. The rise of the player’s price could be instant or a slow burner. It all depends on the situation and the player.

Other strategies don’t involve a ball even being kicked for e.g. buying someone who has an unexpected place in the starting line-up for a game or an exciting youngster finding himself in the first XI. If a player gets injured you can buy into the direct replacement given he should now get more minutes, the more exciting replacement the better.

Whichever of the above ways to make money, you need to be quick more often than not to buy in before others and sell at a high point of the rise. It can be brutal and a dangerous game to play if you are too slow to react, which is why it isn’t for everybody, but I love it. 

Other strategies involve ‘fixture buying’ which is basically buying into players that look to have decent looking fixtures on the horizon that they could flourish in, which again involves timing of entry and exit points.

Plus, there are good old-fashioned buys. I am not allergic to buying into players that may be well worth holding over an extended period of time that can win Dividends, as well as rise in price. Whatever the strategy, if it makes money, I am interested but the quicker is always better.

If you were to select a few players on the Index who Traders should look into buying that they might not have heard of – who would you pick? 

Well, how do you define a player you think no one has heard of? Traders seem to pretty savvy as to who people are one way or another. Whether that be through purely FI match day scores or real-life potential.

I suppose you can look towards the non-PB leagues and perhaps younger players. Someone like Fabio Silva at Porto springs to mind. Or maybe Sebastian Szymanski at Dinamo Moscow. A mid-20s player like Sardar Azmoun could have a move from Zenit to a PB league in him soon. Both the latter are under £1.

With all the fixture cancellations that have happened recently due to the coronavirus pandemic, how has that changed things for you in terms of your Portfolio from what you were doing beforehand? 

It has changed it massively. My main strategies are based around football matches, either being played at that very moment or in the near future. So, postponing football matches for the foreseeable kills that stone dead.

The only thing we had to play for in the here and now was Media Dividends, so I bought players I believed could feature heavily on the Media Rankings on a regular basis. We were in double dividend territory when the pandemic hit which helped this angle of trading.

My activity on the Index has fallen dramatically and the players I hold today are a mixture of those I feel can keep a media presence, have a potential big transfer in them over the coming months and I have some looking into for when football resumes they get back on the pitch and impress. Some of the players I own cover all three of these points.

With the Bundesliga set to return this weekend, have you made any changes/additions to your Portfolio as a result?

I haven’t made any real changes. I added a couple of Bundesliga players to the ones I already had but I’m going to see how this plays out. It could be canceled again at any stage but it will be fun to have football back.

What advice would you give to Traders that have recently joined the platform and those considering using Football Index? 

Understand the product before you even think about making money. Experiment with different things. Ask lots of questions to Traders. Be prepared to lose a bit and learn why. Develop your own strategy that suits you best and don’t pretend to be something you’re not.

How do you think you’ve improved as a Trader in the time you’ve been using Football Index? 

I’m always adapting. I’m always looking for ways to be successful on the Index and don’t like to pigeonhole myself too much in any one thing. At the same time, it’s important to understand yourself and what kind of Trader you are.

For example, I don’t have that much patience, so putting all my eggs into a basket for the long haul and wait years for them to hatch isn’t really going to work for me so I don’t do it. But I have learned that this can be a successful tactic so I have tried to have a few long-term holds to add to my usual short-term trading style.

I am more confident as a Trader now than when I started and back myself a bit more; You can always improve obviously but there were times where I was constantly cursing myself for not following my instincts. I would like to think that has been cut down, but it definitely still happens from time to time.

If you had to start again as a brand-new Trader, is there anything you would do differently the second time around, if at all? 

I wouldn’t think I have missed the boat so much and be more confident in the growth of the market. The Share Split did come not long after I joined which made a huge difference to be fair, but this product is nowhere near its full potential yet and if FI gets it right, this could be a mammoth product. It’s scary to think where it could be in several years.

How would you compare your experience of using Football Index compared to traditional bookmakers? 

Before I joined the Index, I had no issues with bookmakers. I still don’t to be fair, but the experience of FI as a product is chalk and cheese. Not a day goes by where I don’t check the app, check my all-time profit figure, check #footballindex on Twitter. In fact, I even have a dedicated FI twitter account on top of my usual one like many people do. It just seems a normal thing to do. You wouldn’t do that with a bookmaker.

FI isn’t like anything out there. You live and breathe it. Sometimes obsessively, sometimes more casual, like now for e.g. in lockdown, but it becomes a part of you and your everyday life. I have never watched a football game the same in God knows how long. Would I be watching the Bundesliga or Ligue 1 on a Friday night before joining the Index? Highly unlikely.

I won’t talk too much about the return in winnings, but the Index blows that competition out of the water!

Do you find Football Index more intellectually stimulating than traditional betting? If so, why? 

100%. You care about performance a lot more. You think about the potential of players a lot more. It means something to you. When you make a normal bet the result is determined and you move on, as that’s all that mattered. The Index creates situations where Traders are thinking about a player’s whole career and how many Shares they want or can afford.

The Index is one of the best inventions I can remember and can be absolutely huge if and when it becomes more mainstream. I can imagine Sky Sports dedicating something towards it either on SSN or a full-on program slot on the main channels. I can imagine commentators casually saying things like, “well his stock is rising with every performance, literally” as in reference to FI. Watch this space.

Do you have any goals you set yourself to achieve while using the platform? 

I have a very casual one of weekly/monthly targets for which I would like my all-time profit figure to have gone up by. As I run a blog with monthly episode updates of my progress and what I got up to over the previous four weeks or so, it’s nice to hit or maintain a certain level of profit made.

Overall, I just want to make as much as I can and continue to enjoy the product. I am always looking for new strategies or adopting more strings to my bow.

How would you like to see FI grow/improve going forward?

The immediate improvements have got to be the apps and tech in general. There have been way too many situations where the product is inaccessible or unworkable. I understand it is being worked on but this product needs to be as slick as any other product you buy into.

I have said a couple of time I believe it will become mainstream and FI need to keep chipping away to make that happen. Some advertising has been good like at PL games for e.g. but it can improve. The TV adverts can be a lot better and on at better slot times. FI could advertise specific football-based shows or SSN time slots also.

I appreciate it all costs money, but it will need to be done at some point to really get serious growth levels. Communication is quite good compared to other companies, but we can receive mixed messages at times. Decisions behind closed doors can feel like they are being made as things are going along which just suggests amateurism. It’s completely avoidable and has gone on for too long now.

Make the product as slick as you can. Imagine you are already the market leader in the gambling industry, how would you behave and what kind of product would you expect to have? We should be looking towards those standards.


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