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The last few days on the Index have been nothing short of hectic, first we had Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s injury and then the surge of players going over £5. Hopefully bumping up all traders portfolios nicely. It’s worth remembering though that the thought of players being five pound a future just five months ago was a distant dream, this throwback looks at the race to £3….. 

The race to £3 on the Football Index was between two heavyweights, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba. Both players were beginning to settle into their surroundings at Old Trafford and were generating plenty of buzz attention. Pogba winning a buzz on the 12th November thanks to singing the Marvin Gaye’s Lets Get it On with French International teammate Patrice Evra, whilst away on international duty. Whereas Zlatan won the buzz on four occasions in November, courtesy of scoring the Premier League’s landmark 25,000th goal on the 6th Nov and typical Zlatanesque stories about a statue being unveiled in his honour back in Stockholm, Sweden towards the end of the month. 

Such media attention must have appealed to traders as ever since the introduction of instant sell in September of last year with the two United signings creeping towards  £3 as the festive period began. The Frenchman was the first to smash through the three pound barrier in November before dropping back a little with a slight injury scare in the Europa League. The former buzz king Zlatan, smashed the £3 barrier around Xmas time and as we all know never looked back, going through the £4,£5 and £6 barriers in the coming months!

It’s worth remembering that only five months ago traders were excited about players trading at £3 a future and this has been doubled in the preceding months. The next five months will bring the entire transfer window and the beginning of a new season, where will prices be then? £7, £8? That’s what’s exciting, nobody knows! 


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