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This week we found out… +13.5% Lionel Messi (£2.17) has a lot of shirts (here). Diego Simeone likes Jamie Vardy (£1.08) enough that he will try to buy him if he stays at Atletico (here). Miss BumBum is pretty sure of herself that Philippe Countinho (£2.14) will be in a Barcelona shirt after the summer (here), but, oh dear, Countinho is no Dennis Bergkamp (here)! And Real Madrid’s flying left back, Marcelo (£0.47), turns 29 today with Squawka telling us the Brazilian’s registered more assists (9) this season than any other defender in Europe’s top 5 leagues!

Hey… what else has been happening? Let’s get into the rest of the standouts….

The Football INDEX started flashing at us this week, and it wasn’t even wearing a rain coat. Like a horny fire fly signaling for a mate, the INDEX pulses to let you know there’s hot and heavy action going on, with somebody somewhere buying or selling Futures that instant. And look at this, we can now filter the 1ST TEAM listing by £ Increase, £ Decrease, Highest Price, Lowest Price, Strikers, Midfielders, Defenders, or Goalkeepers!

Message to HQ: Any chance of a filter marked ‘Guaranteed Winners’, guys? …Hello?


Manchester City should have been riding surfboards and wearing leis after their Hawaii Five-0 scoreline against Crystal Palace, at the City of Manchester Stadium, last Saturday! Mercury-on-legs, David Silva (£0.90), opened the scoring within 2 minutes of the start, but the flood gates really opened minutes into the second half when Vincent Kompany (£0.64), of all people, got the second. His amazing strike into the top corner was a shot that any center forward would have been proud of. And wasn’t it nice to see how delighted all his team mates were for him (here)? For sentimental old wotsits, catching it on Match of the Day, the scene might have brought a late-night tear to the eye, as only Football can. It’s been a long old slog for City’s club captain to get back to fitness, and you could see how much it meant to him too! Assist king Kevin De Bruyne (£1.40) was in sensational form and his on-field passing bromance with Leroy Sane (£1.69) produced some great moments. Gabriel Jesus (£4.79) looked a little miffed, however, when his runs were being ignored by Sane. The young Brazilian looked especially crestfallen (that’s a fancy word for ‘pissed off’) to be yanked off the field, albeit near the end, without getting a goal himself, but he had provided an important assist for De Bruyne to score the third. (Highlights)

In one report this week, City striker Sergio Aguero (£2.61) was briefly linked with a move to Man Utd, but that was quickly shot down by the player himself, who declared he couldn’t and wouldn’t be disloyal to Sky Blues fans like that. Other than that, Man City player prices are a little flat, with West Ham-linked Yaya Toure (£0.90) returning the best 7-day price trend of up to +9.9%.

Tomorrow’s game between Manchester City and Leicester should be great with both teams cracking in goals last weekend. Riyad Mahrez (£1.81) gave a Man of the Match performance when the Foxes smashed three past Watford and is +33% up for the week and was higher. Andrew Grainger invites you to “Riyad All About It!” Here:


They share initials but not opinions. Frank Lampard doesn’t think much of Swansea’s Fernando Llorente (£0.68) as a sprinter (here). Unlike Usain Bolt, who is the same height as Llorente, the Spaniard doesn’t like to throw his 6ft 4in frame around at maximum velocity. No, the 32-year-old conserves his energy and, as Swansea’s attacking focal point, uses his head (literally) to strike like lightning when chances are delivered to him. Case in points: His vital 3-points earning headed goal against Everton at a roaring Liberty Stadium on the weekend (here)!

There’s Goldie in the Oldie – Wahoo, fabulous Fernando enjoyed +28% price gains over this week! 


Some of the dodgier off-field antics of Karim Benzema (£1.45) have, at times, sullied the reputation of an otherwise brilliant footballer who has scored 178 goals in 362 appearances for Real Madrid. But the 29-year-old Frenchman reminded us what he is all about against Atletico Madrid, the other night, with a ridiculous bit of skill that helped his side through to their third Champions League Final in the last four years and their 15th European Cup Final in total. Look, he can defy physics to do this (here) AND he’s  had coitus with Rihanna. …I know… It’s an unfair world. Best get used to it!

 Karim of the Crop: Benzema’s Futures gained +8.64% in value this week!


Will Zidane Head Butt The Old Lady?


With no Zlatan (£1.54) to seal the deal, Manchester United needed a replacement Main Man to see them through to the Europa League Final, last night. They settled for the ‘Mane Man’ instead. Cometh the hour, cometh the Man Fro. You could lose a spaniel in the hair of Marouane Fellaini (£0.63), but not a Semi-Final chance of scoring. The Belgian’s bouffant cushioned the ball into Celta Vigo’s net (here) after its proud owner leapt to meet a beautiful cross by Marcus Rashford (£5.02). United were made to sweat when Celta Vigo equalized and then pressed to the bitter end. But the draw masters saw out the draw to win 2-1 on aggregate, causing Mourinho to show more emotion than he has all season (here), despite the loss of Eric Bailly (£0.61) to a red card (here).

Bailly Futures are up in value +8% and Smalling Futures up +23.44% for the week, while Ibrahimović’s value grew by almost 10% in the last 24 hours!


“I can tell you he’s in superb shape in all things. Healthy morphology, the quality of the bone and muscle, everything is as good as you can possibly see. He’s one of the top athletes I’ve ever touched, he is in superb shape. He can still play for many years. He’s so healthy, so strong. Biologically, bone morphology, everything, is absolutely very healthy.”

~ Dr Freddie Fu Ho-Keung,

surgeon who operated on Ibrahimović’s knees.


Sunday’s and Wednesday’s BUZZ winner Alexis Sanchez (£4.66) is said to have a top five list of preferred destinations for his more-than-likely Summer move. Despite tapping the badge after scoring for Arsenal against Southampton mid-week (here), reports in France suggest the Chilean’s order of preference for a transfer is: Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and then Inter. The 28-year-old’s not the only Sanchez traders have been profiting on this week, however….

Portugal and Bayern Munich’s Renato Sanches (£1.08) has produced whopping value gains of +49% over the last 7 days!

Jose Mourinho has long been a fan of his fellow countryman, who has been likened to Edgar Davies and Clarence Seedorf in stature and playing style (here). Last year was his breakout year. Sanches became the youngest Portuguese to play in an international tournament and the youngest player to win a Euro 2016 Final. He scored one goal during the quarter-finals and won the Young Player of the Tournament award. And he signed a five-year contract with Bayern Munich for €35 million plus €45 million in objectives. But he hasn’t thrived at Bayern so far and word is that they would take what they’ve paid for him so far (here). Manchester United are linked to everyone and his dog at the moment, but the Portuguese connection could have legs and his price surged on that hope. Contraction ahead? were reporting this afternoon that Ancelotti has poo-poohed the idea of the youngster leaving the German giants. “For such young players, it is often difficult to get used to,” he is quoted as saying. “But, of course, we expect more from him. We must be patient with him. He will have more chances to play next season. He will stay here.”


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