Market Update: Goal & Assist Dividends

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Hello Traders,

It’s been an incredible few months, and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better the team here at Football Index HQ have come up with another blinder.

Today I’m delighted to announce that we are trialling dividend payouts for Goals and Assists in our qualifying competitions for the rest of October and throughout the whole of November. This will make match days even more exciting, and put Football Index at the forefront of everyone’s mind while the action is underway.

In short, this means that whenever a player you recently bought scores a goal, or assists a goal, you will be paid cash.

What’s more, we’ll be including the UEFA Nations League for these Dividends during the November international break.

This is a trial, so we’ll be paying out Goal & Assist Dividends on new shares purchased during the promotion period for 30 days from purchase. That means anything you’ve bought from yesterday onwards will qualify for these Goal & Assist Dividends for 30 days, so long as you still hold the shares on match days when he scores or provides a goal assist.

If you hold a player and want to ensure they qualify for these payouts you can sell to buy. Plus, there will be no Dividend Deadline so you can buy the players after they’ve scored on that day to win Goal & Assist dividends.

We want to get as much feedback about this as possible on this. We are absolutely undertaking this with the view to potentially including this or a similar feature long term.

I’d urge you to read the full explanation of how this works here. Please read the guide carefully to ensure you understand how this offer will work, when you will be paid out, how much, and which shares qualify.

Read Full Breakdown Here

There have been lots of ideas about improving the Index and we always welcome your feedback. The response to our recent surveys has been truly remarkable, further demonstrating the breadth of appeal in our platform. We’re being adopted by yet another new audience and we want to make ensure we have a simple and easy to understand win mechanic in place to reward our customers.

The saying “goals win games” is an old cliche perhaps, but what could be more intuitive than buying your shares knowing that every player who scores or assists a goal will earn you cash.

Growth is our key strategic objective, and our goal is to enable and nurture this with a simple, intuitive product, while still giving a rich enough experience and more technical options for power users.

I could keep writing about our Trader Meet in Dublin, the results of our Share Split Survey and the project we’re underway with in conjunction with Nasdaq to bolster our trading technology, but I’ll save all of that for my next post.

Onwards and Upwards!


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