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Yesterday we saw lots of movement on the market and there was one club at the heart of much of the transfer talk: Real Madrid.

The noise of Morata’s impending move to Chelsea is now becoming deafening. Throughout the day, there was continued investment in the Spaniard and he leap-frogged James Rodriguez (£3.27) with a 5.02% increase, peaking at £3.49 and since settling at his current value of £3.43.

Morata looks a dead cert for a move and it’s now a question of what value can he reach? It’s probably safe to say that once any kind of announcement is made, he will momentarily peak. A value above £4.00 during this period is not unrealistic. However, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens immediately after any of the big summer transfers. If Morata and co. follow a similar trend to that of Paul Pogba (£4.08) following his move to United in the summer, what we may see is an initial dip in value straight after a sale. This is likely due to the fact that many traders will then move onto the next transfer story with which to glean a decent profit. As with Pogba, any player who does transfer to the Prem will no doubt steadily increase in value again in the run up to the beginning of the Premier League campaign. However, with so many more traders now playing the Index, it is possible we may see a different trend; how do you think this one will pan out?

According to news reports, it seems that Madrid are essentially selling half their squad. Gareth Bale (£3.12) has joined the growing list of Madrid men who may be on their way out this summer. Bale has had disappointing season by his standards and reports have suggested that he has made a ‘verbal agreement’ with Man United on a possible move. Of course, this news had a massive effect as traders charged to snap up futures and Bale’s value saw a very hefty increase by 24.34% as a result. Bale back in the Premier League would be massive for the Index and he would easily be a £5.00 bracket player. Let’s hope this one isn’t just tabloids being sneaky… These ‘verbal agreement’ do seem to be all the rage these days and I expect we’ll hear a fair few more ‘verbal agreements’ over the coming weeks.

Now Real Madrid have certainly never been afraid to swiftly move on a player whenever they’ve felt there is another more shiny new player they can purchase. Past examples include their sales of Di Maria (71p) to United, Mesut Ozil (£2.41) to Arsenal or even Arjen Robben (159th in the squad) to Bayern. All these players where perhaps in their prime when moved on, so it does suggest Madrid are not afraid to sell the big names. But, I do have some questions as to whether Madrid will move on ALL of the stars currently being linked away. If you add Gareth Bale to the list of Rodriguez, Morata and Benzema who have all had pretty strong links away, it’s questionable whether they would sell all of these stars in one summer. In fairness, all of these players haven’t exactly had the best seasons and Madrid do seem set on dipping their hands into their pockets this summer to try and bring in Eden Hazard (£3.63). As such, perhaps one of James Rodriguez or Gareth Bale will have to be sacrificed, but which one? Well it’s hard to say and as we’ve seen with Index lately, things can change quicker than a Rashford dive, but one thing I can tell you is that the British media will love to milk the Bale story for all it’s worth whether he does move or not. As such, perhaps they’re both worth a healthy investment, for the time being at least!

It’s fair to say that Madrid are going to play a massive role in the transfer merry-go-round that ensues this summer and I for one cannot wait to see how it continues to effect the Index market. Hala Madrid! Hala the Index!


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