IPO Statement: 6th September 2019

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Weโ€™re working hard on the long term solution for the IPO process, one that is a system which is more efficient and transparent. However, we are aware of the requirement to continue the IPO process to ensure that as many footballers as possible are available to purchase on Football Index.

For the benefit of Football Index Traders we will be undergoing two weeks of significant IPO activity based on the following:ย 

Firstly, we will be prioritising adding footballers from the newly promoted teams from the top 5 leagues to the platform. We believe this should be the number one priority to enhance users experience on Match Days. We will be splitting the newly promoted teams into two blocks.ย 

The first block will be added to the platform on the week commencing Monday 9th September. The second block will be added on the week commencing Monday 7th October.

The players due to be released will be announced on Sunday 8th September, and Sunday 6th October respectively, before the week of IPO action commences.

In these releases, we will not mention the day or time the players will be released. The players will then be added over the course of the week, at random, and at random times throughout the day and night.ย 

Due to the high technological demand that this event causes, and also the need to police the fair distribution of players into the market, we are required to stagger the IPO’s at random times throughout the pre-defined window.

We will also be publishing a guide price range on footballers and what we anticipate them to be added at.ย 


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