How to Buy

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How to Buy.

This is where the fun begins. Feel you know something that the typical football fan doesn’t? Time to make all of those hours spent reading up on your favourite players turned into cash.

Our revolutionary platform allows you to buy ‘Futures’ in any given player on our 1st team. There are exactly 200 players to choose from. When you ‘Buy’ a Future, you are committing to the future value of that particular Future. Futures will rise and fall depending on the market, it’s simple Supply & Demand. For example, if a player has played a blinder a few weeks in a row his price will most likely rise as many of your fellow players will want him in their portfolio. Whereas on the other hand if a player gets injured he will most likely decrease in price as everyone would want to get rid of him, these are just 2 scenarios we have seen in the market but it is entirely up to you!

It is pretty simple to buy but make sure you have enough cash in your balance! We have presented a big blue ‘Buy’ button, click this and then choose how many Futures you would like to purchase. These Futures will then get added to your portfolio, that’s it! You’re officially a Football INDEX Trader.


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