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Before throwing my lot in with the Football Index, I hadn’t really dabbled in the stock market; far too many complex words and phrases for me!

But since getting involved with the Index, I’ve been more and more interested in learning about the terminology and vocabulary linked to the financial world of shares. One such phrase that crops up again and again is a bull market. A bull market can be described as a market in which share prices are rising and are expected to rise, which encourages more buying.

With this in mind, it can certainly be argued that the Football Index is very much in the midst of a bull market at this moment of time. Looking at the level of sustained increases across the Index really helps support this case. Let’s take a look at the figures to try and get an even better picture. In calculating the total price of the top 25 players on the Index, we get a total of ยฃ71.26. On 9th February I took a little snapshot of the value of the top 25 and at this point, if you were to purchase one of each of the top 25, it would have cost you ยฃ68.68. That’s a rise of ยฃ2.58 across the top 25 in less than a month! Or to put it another way, on average each of the top 25 players have risen by over 10p each in less than a month. Now while there will certainly be one or two players who do affect this price jump more so than others, it can surely be suggested that this price rise for the top 25 is still great news! If you compared the total value of the top 50, you would see a similar trend. On the 9th February the total price of the top 50 was ยฃ97.97, while today the top 50 would cost you ยฃ100.16 (as of time of writing this blog!).ย Taking these steady increments in value into account seems to suggest that there is definitely lots of confidence in the market and that it is certainly growing as a result.

The Football Index has several more features which show that confidence is currently very high. Firstly, we have the points Indicator, the footie, which can be located at the top right of the front page. At the end of each day, the Index will close on a certain score. Yesterday saw an impressive 47.87 point increase, despite the fact there were no big football matches and no promotions yesterday. This is an exceptional level of growth when you consider the latter two points. To give a little perspective of how much the Index has blossomed, it is worth remembering that when it first started over a year ago, the Index launched at 1000 points. Today it is now sat at a hefty 4874 which is nearly five times greater than when it first began!

As well as this, another strong indicator that the Index is currently in a bull market is of course the player trends. Although there are several players who will inevitably dip in value in the short term, if you look at the majority of players price trend over a month or more, the chances are you will see a clear upward curve; one which doesn’t look like slowing down anytime soon. With all of these indicators clearly pointing to such a strong level of trader confidence, it’s worth grabbing the bull by the horns and making the most of this bull market while you can!


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