Further Information On Positional Changes

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Football Index ingests data from Opta on an automated basis to power Match Day and In-play Dividends. We don’t use separate technology for the different feeds, so attempting to stop or delay updating squads without a planned and tested piece of development work would be highly risky to correct payment of dividends.

Opta organises it’s feeds by competition. Because some footballers play different positions in nations league vs a domestic league, there can be conflicts, and players may appear to change position more frequently than expected, when any one of the squads is pushed to Football Index, all those footballers are updated. It would appear that footballers who have participated in multiple competitions are the highest risk of such a change.

Initially this appeared to be the fairest way to manage positions, however updates have been more frequent and more disruptive than expected, and we can see that it’s not satisfactory to traders. In particular it is not great when a manager deploys a player in multiple positions over the course of a season. We had planned to review this however the share split and new regulatory requirements took priority.

Several suggested options have been considered but all have some flaws. 

Bundling or batching position changes and delaying them won’t be fair as Opta updates will likely be publicly visible on the websites and apps outside of Football Index, and traders will simply move on that information.

We are working with them to see if we can get advance notice and coordinate updates, however we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to get them to change their operations. 

The most immediate improvement option is to build a notification system for position updates as this is consistent with our current rules.

Another approach may be to display the domestic position in general (perhaps with a breakdown of frequency in other positions in the footballer profile) but score matches based on the position in a given match.

We thank you for your patience while we work to improve this feature, and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


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