Football Index Market Update – Traders React

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There was a major announcement yesterday from Football Index to mitigate the impact the recent COVID-19 outbreak will have on the market.

As has been well documented, fixtures across the continent have been either played behind closed doors or in the case of Serie A, postponed until April 3.

In response, Football Index have produced a three-step plan to minimise the effects of this global issue, which kicked-off with a Fabrizio Romano-inspired tease to get Traders excited.

The first of the three announcements was a ยฃ1,500 Trading Bonus from now until April 23.

It means that Traders can receive 8.25% of your Net Buys – up to the value of ยฃ1,500 – straight into your Football Index Account during this period, with Traders excited by the news, to say the least.

Next up as part of the three-pronged announcement came in the shape of Double Dividends.

That’s right. From now until, and including, April 3, all Match, Media and In-Play Dividends will be doubled.

Let’s see how those Traders reacted to this news…

Third and finally, due to the coronavirus outbreak and resulting postponement of games, we are literally moving the goldposts with the threshold for Bronze, Silver and Gold Match Days has now been lowered.

It’s now a Bronze Match Day if 1-3 games take place on that day, Silver is now 4-9 games while Gold is now 10+ matches.

Add to that as well the aforementioned Double Dividends, then there is certainly a lot for Traders to be excited for, and they’ve been sharing their excitement on social media.

As can already be seen, it’s had a huge impact on the Index, with Bruno Fernandes breaking the ยฃ9.00 barrier no long after the announcement, among a whole host of notable rises.

And it’s clear to see that the announcement has be welcomed by Traders in what looks to be a positive month here at Football Index.

For any further information please visit our Market Update page.

Happy Trading.


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