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So it seemed that everything had come down to the battle of Manchester yesterday evening, in which the old master Mourinho was taking on Pep’s City slickers in a fight for the Champions League qualification.

Yet despite all of City’s huffing and puffing, we ended up with a 0-0 draw; a result that will no doubt leave Mourinho’s men happier. The biggest talking point was of course Marouane Fellaini’s red card. After an initial clip of Sergio Aguero’s heels, the Belgian then went in with a rather tame (but ill-thought) head connection, which of course sent the Argentine to the turf clutching his face. Still at least his red card will have hopefully generated some profits for those quick-flippers who got in on the action. Fellaini’s red card brought a quick surge in his price from 62p up to 73p and as the quick-flippers came out to play, he then dropped back down to his starting value of 62p. Although Fellaini will now face a ban, at least he won himself the buzz for last night, so every cloud has a silver lining and all that…

Before the match, we saw some absolutely massive investment on Anthony Martial (£2.88). The young Frenchman saw his price take a huge hike up to a peak of £3.26. It seems traders were hoping he would make the difference. Being unable to snatch a goal, Martial then slipped back down to his current value. This huge leap shows that traders are very much aware of Martial’s potential. Had he scored, he probably would have flown up to the £4.00 mark! This is certainly food for thought if you’re looking for a high profile player still available at a decent fee. We may well see a pattern of initial investment in Martial before each of United’s upcoming fixtures and it would not be a surprise to see him settling above £3.00 before too long. What value do you think he’ll end up at in the near future?

Boy wonder Marcus Rashford faced a similar trajectory to his striking teammate, as he also surged up to £5.49 and then dipped ever so slightly following the draw. Rashford still remains an Index favourite and his current value of £5.43 proves that he could well be one of the leading men on the Index for some time.

Although there weren’t any goals, it was a day to rejoice for those that held futures in Gabriel Jesus (£5.21). What a story it’s been for the Brazilian since he entered the frame in the first team. Following the dark days in February following his high profile metatarsal injury, we saw perhaps one of the first big crashes in a player’s value, as he fell by over £1.00 in a very short period of time. However, his price has only headed in one direction since and traders will surely be reaping the rewards for keeping the faith in the brilliant Brazilian! Let’s hope he gets back into goal scoring form very soon!


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