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Having now played the Football Index for well over a year, it has been interesting to reflect on some of the brilliant changes we have seen as the concept has continued to evolve.

I have always been a little obsessed with football; thousands of hours playing football management games instead of revising for university exams were testament to this. In the early days of November 2016, I remember being intrigued by the concept of the football Index and figured I’d finally found a platform to apply my love of football, whilst also making a little profit in the process!

At first, I was a little hesitant to pour in too much of a financial commitment and as I got to grips with the game play, I cautiously invested in just one or two futures for a selected few players. I remember cheering out loud as I saw my first futures bring in a 20p dividend following my first buzz win; oh how times have changed!

One of the most significant changes that has taken place is the implementation of a stock split. This meant that future prices were divided in value by four. So if a player was worth ยฃ4.00 at the time of the stock split, they would then have a reduced value of ยฃ1.00.ย  In doing so, this also meant that the buzz fee was also divided by four and, thus leading to the current dividend we have of 5p per future for a buzz win. This stock split showed just how much growing interest there was in the game and it is incredible to think that a Zlatan future would be worth ยฃ20 in pre-split!

Another huge step taken by the Index was the introduction of instant sell. This development has allowed traders to have more freedom in terms of selling futures at a quicker rate. Although, instant sell means you will take a small cut in the fee received for a player, the value in terms of selling off assets at a much quicker rate has granted traders a greater ability to react to market better than ever before.

Another important development I have noticed over the year, is an increase in the company’s commitment to improving their media presence. An ever-changing website and daily blogging and twitter feeds have ensured an improving social presence. One of the most significant moves in terms of enhancing the media presence was the recent radio advertisement. This has already had a positive impact on investments, but in the long term, the level of interest that results from the radio advertisements will surely continue to grow!

The modern game continues to adapt and change each and every season and although the Index may well still be in its infancy, the developers have already shown they are not afraid to change for the better too. With so many developments and constant evolution, the Football Index is truly becoming the currency of football and I for one am glad to be a part of it!


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A Football INDEX Trader since the early days of the platformโ€™s launch, Andrew offers regular insight into the movements on the market.

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