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Romelu Lukaku (£4.98) romped home with  yesterday’s buzz ahead of table topping Chelsea’s visit to Goodison Park on Sunday. The Belgian will be looking to put on a performance against his former and potential new club! Believe it or not this is only Lukaku’s third ever buzz win on the Index and third this season, giving him a buzz ROI of 3% of his current price. That got me thinking what does the ROI look like for the rest of the top 5 from the beginning of the season. 

Leading the way in the Index is Spurs hitman Harry Kane. He is currently trading at £5.45 and this season has amassed five buzz wins, giving an ROI of 4.5% on his current price. His Spurs teammate Dele Alli has only three buzz wins and with a futures price at £5.07 giving an ROI of 2.9%. 

Up in Manchester, the new Index Prince, Marcus Rashford (£5.42) has accumulated 8 buzz wins to date despite playing understudy to King Zlatan for large parts of the season. Giving him an ROI of 7.3%. Across the City, Gabriel Jesus nearly stole all the headlines this week in the Manchester Derby only for his goal to be ruled out for offside. The Brazilian has amassed 4 wins this season to give an ROI of 3.8%. The final member of the top 5 is Antoine Griezmann (£5.17) who has zero buzz wins on the Index to date!

Honourable mentions go out to Eden Hazard (£3.80) with 10 buzz wins this season to date giving traders a return of 13.1%. Also Alexis Sanchez (£4.91) has amassed 20 buzz wins to date giving an ROI on current price of 20.3%! Crazy figures. 

Now the Index isn’t all about buzz wins as Griezmann’s and the other prices show but the dividends on offer shows you that on buzz wins alone your money is better than being in a bank and this is before you take into account price rises!


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