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If you believed everything that the press is currently reporting on, it’s easy to picture Jose Mourinho in every waking moment playing Pokemon Go in the search for footballers rather than a rare Charmander. 

In the past few weeks alone the Old Trafford outfit have been linked with the following players,

Gareth Bale (£3.05)

James Rodriguez (£3.30)

Marco Reus (£1.24)

Bernardo Silva (£1.76)

Romelu Lukaku (£4.82)

Antoine Griezmann (£5.33)

Eric Dier (£1.05)

Kylian Mbappé (£2.67)

Michael Keane (£1.43)

And many more players have been linked with a move to Old Trafford. Having the biggest chequebook does mean that money is no object for the Red Devils and as a consequence links are inevitable. 

For Indexers this opens up a couple of money making opportunities. If we take Gareth Bale yesterday, the Welshman was trading at the £2.50 mark. A couple of articles appeared at lunch time linking him with Mourinho his futures price has shot up nearly 75p (25%) on the back of the links. Similarly his Real Madrid teammate James Rodriguez has risen from the £1.80 mark to his current price of £3.27 a rise of some 45%! These are huge increases to be made by shrewd Indexers. 

But a strong note of caution has to be made. There is no way that Utd will sign all of the aforementioned players and journalists are looking for as many clicks as possible. With this in mind, should a player not sign his price will likely plummet. Likewise if a player does sign, history shows us the price will drop. Even a buzz magnet like Paul Pogba last summer experienced a drop of some 20p when his move was finally finalised. 

It’s a high risk game with huge rewards getting on the transfer rumours but a note of caution has to be sounded about the sheer number of targets. Best of luck traders and remember Jose can’t catch em all!


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